Gone Through

by Ramon The SunStone Haupt   Oct 3, 2019

still breathing, stillness to the daily sun,
people, look at your youth fixated on unborn bun.
stoning their lives away, no thinking to stop,
when before juniors used to dream of the cop.

my heart came back to life when my eyes saw,
a glimmer, a slight passage to see what I treasure to adore.
all of a sudden it was as if my pisces girl,
was getting bad exposure we need to talk via prayer given to us- this world.

all pain shattered again I sensed too much,
I still glimmer around, lets spirit away with tender touch.
those other dogs between us too good bunch?
a hint here and there my love, lets talk through lunch.

yes now they have seen their happiness grow,
my heart of first, enough of them now, lets instead let both our sparkles connect in harmony and flow.

dont fade from me, my girl of trees,
for now, I will let you be, what is to become of me?
yes, I remember of our travelling letters
but let no harm come for you,as I am your protector.


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