To Marry You

by Trampled Angel   Nov 2, 2019

To Marry You

Marrying you
Terrifies me.

With the weight of “I do”
I promise to stay,
Instead of run away again.

I commit to build
And not destroy

I commit to building us.
I commit to build our family.
I commit to protect you,
And to protect you,
I must by default,
Hang around to do so.

I stare at the ceiling
When you have fallen fast asleep
And wonder
If I am made of the stuff
That won’t break you,
If I break me.

I’ve watched addiction
Ravage families
Consume hope and love and trust,
Feast on joy
Until there is nothing left.
I don’t trust me
To not be that again.

A couple years is too little time
To undo patterns
Of a lifetime.
Patterns that resurface
All the time.
Patterns whose familiarity
I miss.
A strained safety in the chaos.

The temptation to run away
Is eating away
My waking sleeping dreams,
To hurt you now,
To save you from then,
To save us from when.

I love you.

It terrifies me
To marry you.


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Latest Comments

  • 5 months ago

    by Ben Pickard

    In my experience, "building" anything takes time and effort, and when you are employing those two things, you are distracted from everything else which, in this case, may be a very good thing. Keep building and hang on in there.

    All the best

    • 5 months ago

      by Trampled Angel

      Thanks! This poem is acutally from a few months ago, I sort of lost it and then found it again on my computer. I have gotten married since, and yes, build takes time, and also needs time, you know? You need the time build well.