by Sreta Ravichandran   Nov 4, 2019

Tons of things unsaid,
Wonderful things and worst things
I am unable to say it,
Maybe of selfishness, maybe due to inferiority.
Not an open-minded person I am...

A lot of things unsaid,
Stay in my heart and my mind.
Crackling my peace most of the time,
I feel I am lost in my world...

Things unsaid,
Painful disasters,
I should be released from this depression,
I should find my inner peace,
Peace of saying out things unsaid...


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  • 3 months ago

    by hiraeth

    It's hard to be open with one's self but you managed to do that in this piece. I hope writing this brought you some catharsis.

    Welcome to P&Q!

  • 3 months ago

    by XN

    Sometime it's harder to keep things unsaid than said it out loud. From your words say that you are not an open minded person, maybe you can't really expresses yourself for the time being????, but one day you'll find a soul mate that will really understand you and maybe everything will buy just fine????.
    Once, I also suffered for many things, but once someone special that get in my life, it just like living under the sunshine than lonely frozen zon. You can't hope that everyone can understand you cause everyone in this world is a special individual not a imitation. May God bless you to oneday be free by these disaster????

  • 3 months ago

    by leisure cheng

    Ermm,i think if you dont try to say all of your opinions and suggestions to people, they will never understand you. You will be suffering for it if you dont say it out loud.

  • 3 months ago

    by Sia

    Hey,I think you should speak out about your opinions.
    It is a benefit for you and your intimate person.
    Don't hidden your mind,it will make you feel unhappy and being a negative person.
    Just being a positive person and then you will discover a lot of beautiful things happen in your surroundings.

    • 3 months ago

      by Sreta Ravichandran

      Sure will try to do so.
      Not now, maybe in future....
      Thanks for the support ya!

  • 3 months ago

    by Sotong

    Try to say it out,dont keep in your heart, if not,you won't get happiness ok?Good luck

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