A Sad Song

by Hope   Nov 9, 2019

Somedays I'm lost in my sad song,
other words are bitter from the mouth;
spoken in lost words of wisdom;
every word coming from the blind side,
so, I'm sorry for you and me so let it be,
bitter words come from a sad soul;
singing a sad song in the dark,
you are never too far away;
broken a little on the inside,
everything goes from grey to black,
you are never too far away from my last cry,
disavow my last song in the end,
cause it's all lost in a broken heart;
my forsworn enemy,
I'm a little lost in my sad song;
swearing from grey shades to black,
hearts of apologies come with a blind fold,
so every word is better left in the dark,
cause in the end; you're never too far away,
it's always been a mistake too look on the inside,
let it all go from a broken and bleeding heart,
I'm a little lost in my last song,
a broken vow,
empty in the heart and gone,
a little lonesome,
keep me in the dark by this empty heart,
sing a sad song.


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