by Hope   Nov 13, 2019

We fall to the wasteland where my blood runs cold,
I let go in my shadow beneath a heart of gold,
I'm missing every memory beneath every shade of chrome,
50 shades of chrome and 50 shades of grey leave me lone,
it's bittersweet when flames from the dark side of the sun falls to the wasteland,
where is the warmth of a trusting hand?
I cry with wolves deep in my soul,
in my catastrophic faith;
I see the seasons change,
and I fade with every fall;
by the treason I saw,
every reason is in the dark by your show of treason,
in my fallen grace, I sink to my knee's,
with a change of faith, I rewind what I see,
and it's all in words of wisdom,
I can only hit rock bottom,
in my broken bones....,
someone send me home,
lone in my hope, sad eyes go up in smoke,
screaming in a broken heart,
I leave the pieces in the dark,
'cause I'll walk on broken glass when it comes to my fate,
I'm a little lost in my faith,
let me fade in my shadow where I've learned to let go,
every season begins to fade,
the liquor of dreams flows.


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