A Sad Story

by Hope   Nov 25, 2019

My face tells a sad story;
a tall tale and a series of unfortunate events,
somedays I'm wrong,
somedays I'm gone,
in a sad story...I'm right where I belong,
living in a ghosts shell,
all by myself;
with all the glory;
my backbone bent and broken,
in dark days, I'm rested in the sea,
in this heartbreak; what else could I believe?
when I'm lain and rested in the stars;
just let it be me, just let it be me in this memoir,
in every heartache is a tall tale waiting to be told,
and it all lies in a heart of gold,
it's all left for dust under the sun,
I'll bleed until I'm gone,
I let it all end in disaster for my broken heart,
my color chrome falls apart,
and in the end, I'm lain and broken;
watching it all end out in the open,
every shade of black ends in grey,
I can only walk away as a sad face,
make no mistake, I'm on my way,
I'm on my way through shades of grey,
down the winding road is my happily ever after,
and it all comes with a broken heart for disaster,
heartbreak ends in loneliness,
the waters divide and becomes boneless.


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