To Darren ( Sonnet )

by Everlasting   Nov 30, 2019

You never wrote a sonnet on that thread
nor have you posted one in your account
except for the Italian one I read
a while ago if I have not lost count
so basically your limit isn’t one
your limit is your want for quality
the kind that can’t be perfected at once
unless you posses that ability
but since we aren’t poet Laureates
it’s clear that practice should be exercise
by fully writing what your soul dictates
regardless if the form must be revise
Thus, do attempt to write a sonnet
until with many tries you perfect it

Written by: L.L.R.


This is a reply sonnet that I wrote for Darren. His words “I never wrote one in this thread” were the inspiration.

Here is the link to that Thread. You are more than welcome to participate.


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  • 6 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    You are one of the most inspirational poets on this site.
    Your kindness is shown here.

    Best wishes x