Broken Heart

by Hope   Dec 1, 2019

I leave it all to pieces for my broken heart,
frozen in this moment as I leave it all behind;
every word hard to find,
so to speak not too far from the dark,
broken hands are bittersweet to the touch,
in my silver lining; I look up,
and it's all in my conundrum,
broken hands;
a broken heart in this soul's land,
I'll chase my dreams to the ends of the Earth,
breaking my silence for what it's all worth,
shattered bones in my catastrophic faith,
I lost it all to hopeless grace,
so believe in me when it all goes wrong;
when it all goes wrong in my sad song,
I follow my shadow in the sunlight;
watching my last hope burn bright,
by the last words of my song;
I'm right where I belong,
I may be a little lost in my broken heart,
I've learned to let go when it all goes wrong,
I leave it all behind in the dark,
I hear the white noise,
a lost voice,
eyes go dark,
I feel the loss in my broken heart.


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