The Sunlight Through My Shadow

by Hope   Dec 1, 2019

I follow the sunlight through my shadow;
breaking a smile in my broken conundrum;
so, I let it rain down on me,

I've learned to let go with peace;
smiling at the beast in the dark,

a sad man and a sad song in this symphony,

Hallelujah to the darkness inside,
and it's all when the stars shine bright,
it's all from a simple man by whispers in the heart;
so, hear me now 'cause when it's all left behind;
it's all in shattered pieces.....

I hear wolves singing in the dark,
the cold and the darkness aren't too far from the heart,
it's all sung in my broken symphony of broken hands,
so, sing hallelujah when it all goes wrong,

I know it's a hard pill to swallow,
stay in the shadows and you'll see a broken heart shine with gold,

Amen to broken hands,
Amen to a broken heart,
'cause in the end as I leave it all behind....,
I'll sing hallelujah,

I feel my dreams in the darkness of my shadow;
my conscience and my repentance,
a virtue that's hard to swallow,
I'm alright;
'cause this too shall pass.


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