Love's Exile

by Hope   Dec 14, 2019

Holy Sin breaking every moment,
Love never tells a lie when it's only exile,
I walk away with a smile with nothing left to defend,
I walk away from the sun as it's all in my blood;
while there is a little rust in my veins,

I fall as the seasons change,
it's all a cosmic tragedy when it rains down on me,

in my shadow is my ghost,
I'm just a stranger that you'll never know,
it's all in the after-sake when you're the one that's left to be forgiven;
righting every wrong in my prison.....,

I don't have the right words to say the right thing in my creed,
but when it's all said and done;
we are all created under one,
it's all in Godspeed,
that's all I have left to believe by every wrong I've seen;
and it's all in my prison by what's been forgiven,

in my creed...;
it's under Holy Sin,
by every broken moment I see;
my world spins,
I'm told "Godspeed,"
it's all in my prison,
every right in my wrong forgiven,

I walk through the ghost with nowhere left to go,
all I've ever seen is all I've ever known,
I'll sing every one of my sad songs,
love is where I belong.


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