I Believe:

by Scott Cole   Dec 24, 2019

He has long bushy wavy hair
And a beard that matches it,
His appearance is intriguing
In both curiosity and outfit.

He's known the whole World over
Such a cherished sight to behold,
For his arrival is celebrated
While his unselfishness untold.

He brings content and tears
Which makes hearts grow dear,
Because of his Christmas presence
And his peaceful Holiday cheer.

So all eyes are firmly fixated
Yet all hearts are at a rest,
For it's again that time of year
To reflect on things that suit us best.

But it's not the gifts that are to be
It's the gift we've already received,
That not what fulfills our needs
But that of which we do believe.

The gifts are nice oh yes indeed
They fill our hearts full of joy,
But the greatest gift there ever was
That was given to any girl and boy.

Was Baby Jesus, God's only Son
Who was born upon this Festive day,
He who would later deliver our sins
Not a Santa Claus in a converible sleigh.


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  • 5 months ago

    by Brenda

    Nicely penned Scott! Happy to see this nominated!