It's a Heavy World

by Glenn G   Dec 25, 2019

Sometimes the weight of the world gets heavy
Work gets hectic.
I become Fatigued and weak.
The money grows short.
And, the bill's grow long.
I get more spam on my phone then my mom fed me growing up.
The car in front of me wants to stop.
The car behind is trying to run me over.
Too much to do and too little time.
I spend more time working on the house than living in it.

But then I think of you.
I see your face,
Your beautiful smile,
Hear your voice,
Feel the touch of your hand,
The warmth of your hug,
And the sweetness of your kiss.

And it makes me realize,
That my shoulders may be tired,
And, my legs might be weak,
But what holds me up and gives me strength when I feel there is none to be found, is knowing my foundation and support is my love for you.


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