by Domenico Sottile   Dec 25, 2019


When no one we feel
is on our side
so to fill our empty space
we invent a god
to take their place

In order to preserve our side
we must realize
we should not expect any one
but ourselves
at our corner
for we alone
are the real prize

Others are there
falsely on our side
to obscure us
and make us hide

Trusting only ourselves
we should
to avoid a possible wound
and help the other
without expectation
Just acquire strength
from meditation
In order to survive
do your living duty
with dedication
looking straight forward
without hesitation

With a smile on your face
in spite of the tears
pouring out of your eyes
any possible demise
and lend your heart
and soul to all
but never
lose them all

Had you known perhaps
that no one of us
can ever dominate
you would not
have allowed your soul
to self-deprecate
and you
would had also realized
getting rid of hate
is never too late


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