by Lainie Reay   Dec 29, 2019

I've always been an honest person with no matter who
It seems it's not always the best or the right thing to do
People don't want to hear the truth, just brushing it aside
Till the truth comes back to haunt them and they can no longer hide
It seems I'm only good enough when life is going wrong
As the silence is loud here, when their happiness is strong
One sided friendships aren't for me, I've had my fill of them
I don't want to hear the excuses as the words are pure phlegm
I've friends who treat me properly & ask me how I am.
They don't need to wait until there isn't any other plan.
I've now moved on without you and strangely now you want to know
All the things you should've asked me a long long time ago.


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  • 9 months ago

    by Walter

    Well written Lainie and couldn't agree more.... No one should settle for fake friends.

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