Paradox of Love

by Glenn G   Jan 7, 2020

Sometimes you fall in love.
You would give your life to save theirs.
You walk into a room full of people but can see only one.
A few minutes with them can give you joy and make you smile.
When the minutes end, you replay the memories, anxious for your next meeting.
Their kindness is a band-aid on a life full of painful emotional sores.
You realize time away from them seems like an eternity.
While the moments with them seem to end before you can take your next breath.

One day you wake up to the sad reality, that they barely know you are alive, and that they prefer the company of someone who barely knows they are alive.
You can't help but be sad about the paradox, as your mind has no choice but to move on, but your heart can't seem to walk away.


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