Family life Education

by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo   Jan 9, 2020

A family are people related
By blood and heart.
Family life and Education
Two phenomenons kin to each other
Runs from generation to generation
Proving its worth in its practical usefulness
The strength of individuality
Glittering in the shine of our personalities
In applied knowledge about health preventing trivial issues through keen perception and long sighted understanding
Enriching and improving the quality of individual and family life.
The emblem of parenting
The school for pre-marital bonding
Marital enrichment programs,
And family financial planning
It existence has been through history
The education that works on a prevention model
Organizing two like minded individuals to be the best
Embracing each other flaws, whilst cultivating pure affection for each other
A wondrous model for strong communication skills, knowledge of typical human development and understanding,
good decision-making skills and healthy interpersonal relationships.
The solution to all issues:
Economics, work-family parenting, sexuality, gender and more .
Upon these a successful marriage thrives.


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