I Am The Survivor of...

by ddavidd   Jan 23, 2020

I am the survivor
of the ultimate attack
upon the human soul
to the human pride as an specie of form
as a genderless, colourless, religiousless breed,
and as the ultimate intent.

to her merit to be pure and truthful
to be clear, without being stained from his own blood
by the predators of either flesh or mind,

and to be the specie of light instead of grim,
to be an eagle instead of a vulture
to be oceans instead of quagmires,

to her ability
to turn tragedies to laughter
and accretion,
to create art with her life, with her pains
her pains:
the pain of giving birth, the most authentic pain of all.

I am the survivor
of the biggest slap
to the portrait-face of the decency
by the Michel Angelo’s of lies and deceit,

the deepest penetration of judases
in the daggers of “You as well, Brutus?”
and every other daggers
bent in the shape of question mark.

I am the survivor
of the furthermost insult
to the honour of the mankind
and to his venture
for freedom and justice,
in the land of which, neither one are deemed unpunishable.

I am the survivor
of the most burning rash
of etching convenient doubts
on the skin of conviction,
from the biggest collision of authenticity,
the most enormous invasion of deceit,
the most humongous smirk of ridicule
upon the most venomous bites of maliciousness!
I am the survivor
of the most vicious vengeance of serpent
against good heartedness

I am the survivor
of the deepest wound of fraud
to the chest of sincereness and honesty,
the biggest abrasion of fraudulence
to the heart
of the essence!
upon the embodiment
everything pure and benevolent!


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