Just friends

by Saerelune   Jan 27, 2020

We are just friends,
but I stole your t-shirt again.

I haven't been hugged by you
or your scent for so long,
wrap me in this moment of homeliness
before your perfume disappears
into another airplane.


We are just friends,
but we are laying side by side
in the middle of the night.

Then each finger tiptoes closer to mine,
the sensation of uncertainty
clouding my head...

(Will he hold my hand?)

I hold my breath,
hoping I was wrong all along,
that you never stopped thinking of me.

Your t-shirt is too thin for this cold,
but I don't dare to pull a blanket over me.

You squeeze out a breath of relief in me
as your smooth hand cups mine
like a seashell.

(He still wants me.)

I can feel the ocean
carry me into my dreams.


We are just friends,
but I tickle your nose with mine.

(Will he kiss me?)

We look away, but your hands
keep hovering around mine,
mapping out the milky way.

(He still wants me.)

We are as silent as the night
when your lips descend on mine.

My heartbeat freezes, but
I can only feel your warmth.


We are just friends.

You said kissing me was a mistake,
that you and I walk uncertainly
with different destinations in mind.

Then you put your socks on,
and I tuck your t-shirt
into your backpack.

We are just friends.

9:28 PM


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