by Saerelune   Aug 21, 2021

A decade of desires
has sunken into bedsheets
and I still write poetry
about love at first flight,
as if I hadn't just braved
the blackmail of life:
a penny for each tear,
a medal for each fear.

A decade of desires
has sunken into my pillow
and I still lip-sync to songs
about flights of first loves,
as if I hadn't just chased
the tidal wave of faith:
a kite for my career,
a breeze for some cheers.

Nearly three decades into life
and I'm still trying to map
a Big Bear in the night sky,
whispering bravery into stars,
hoping that the next decade
will be my lucky charm.

1:00 AM

No matter how lost I am in life I always seem to gravitate back to my poems. :)


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  • 4 weeks ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    And I love that you gravitate back to your poems and have shared this with us. I can't believe it's been a year or so since your last one. I love the flow in this, the easy rhymes at the end stanzas that contrast with the hardship, and the overall reflection of these past decades. That last image of still trying to map your coordinates, our place in this world, feels so relatable. And it is bravery indeed, just being here. There's bravery in so many things we overlook, in simply writing and giving our feelings and pain and experiences a chance to breathe and speak their truth.

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