Broken not.

by Linda   Feb 5, 2020

Drummed down by thoughts,
They are as follows,
Sullen breath, thorny hollows.
Alight, adrift, with none to spare,
Falling, fallen, there's darkness there.

Patched it up, sewn together,
Glued and tied, those fallen feathers.
Fit to fly, can barely walk,
In short, in long, a crooked fork.

Present day, future near,
past so far, but still has fear.
When to stay, when to stop,
When to go, when to drop.

Abrasive codes, sullen stares,
The looks they have, they strip bare.
A fact to prove, a pill to swallow,
It all sits there, deep but shallow.

The cuts are deep, the blood has dried,
There it stands..the great demise.
But cast a thought on hard core pressure,
Think about that of nature.
Some of which is pressed in deep,
may emerge as diamond treats.

Rest assured, be thine self,
Show up with pride, for that is wealth.
Take time, have pleasure,
But do not waste,
Perfection is rarely made in haste.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    Lots of life wisdom in this!

    I love the flow and ease of each stanza, but sometimes the rhyming threw me off. I actually can't make up my mind if it worked or not for the poem. I guess I expected a consistent rhyme, then in the second stanza, "walk" and "fork" took me out of the poem a little. Unless you weren't trying to rhyme each line and have it just be more on and off.... only my opinion though.

    You go through a lot of "movements" of life in this, and they play through with a certain elegance and maturity. The darkness we try to conquer, patching ourselves up, choosing our path again and again, dealing with the constant fears and insecurities, hitting a low point and rising because of it.

    Thoughtful piece, can't wait to hear more of your voice on here, Linda. Welcome to PnQ!

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