Tracing Back

by Domenico Sottile   Feb 8, 2020

Tracing Back

The miser dwelling we had was not a house
nor the support of home we should have had
I would dream looking at the stars
voyaging toward places I could not see
towards towns and things
as remote as Mars
becoming ever more beautiful just for me
and how I would survive with glee

Still learned I had not
the battles of the heart by myself to fight
and with a knot in my throat
as I once before wrote
I confused compassion with love
not knowing what to look for in lieu of

someone failed to touch me
for having already lost a greater love
The only gift I could have hoped for
was wrapped with deep tears
justified but haunted
by unnecessary fears

Without intentions of perjury
others were lured
and never vindicated
with elegant words from history

On a different land
we found somewhat of a dwelling
better this time around
But then
little by little better homes flourished
after sacrifices and battles

One for me became a castle
reaped by dreamed tales
of inexistent glories
so to make me blush
as red as berries

When an entire world is lying
except the liar
we see the warning beacon
telling us
-blinded by belief-
we have reached
the complete disappearance of reason
and there is no salvation
for we couldn’t even convince a friar

We all have the need to succeed and predominate
but there is nothing wrong
in being very good
in not making it important
making vainglories of greatness a constant

There are truth against which we should not resist
we all need a God to help us overcome
the struggles of the world
But it does not mean that God exists
If we say God please help me
aren’t we blaming such a God
for what it is we deem dire
and being cursed prior

The cycle began elsewhere
with debilitating fire
and it will end some day with snow
in another empire


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