Her Own Worse Enemy

by BEJohnson   Feb 18, 2020

She had most people around her fooled.
Others said she would be fine.
If only they knew what really laid beneath.
They should have read between the lines.

Her depression ate at her everyday
Her mouth would never let her voice her pain.
She held it all inside until it exploded
In the end that's what made her go insane.

"To all those who dared to love me:

I would say I'm sorry, but I'd be lying
I had to take this chance and set myself free.
I couldn't go another day living like I was.
This world isn't made for someone like me.

I didn't even remember what happiness felt like.
I was nothing but a cold shell on the inside.
I know I hurt you all and I know I'm selfish
But for so long I felt like I had already died.

It's no ones fault but mine I couldn't save myself.
The passion to live, I couldn't keep that flame lit.
I don't know why I felt like I was nothing
Everyone showed me love but I couldn't accept it.

Believe it or not when I say I loved you all
It's no ones fault that I did this to myself.
In the end I was my own worst enemy.
That's something that you all couldn't have helped."

At the age of nineteen she took her life.
She died with a smile on her face.
She left behind loved ones who are heartbroken.
Their never ending hurt can never be erased.


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