A new curse affects the world

by mistake   Apr 22, 2020

Hello world,
or is it goodbye.
Everything hangs,
As tension before sigh.

Travel has stopped,
But movement is there.
A terrible curse,
Hangs in the air.

It closes down work,
In the business world hives.
It attacks Those we know,
Threatens their lives.

Some like to pretend
That we should not fear.
They don’t believe
That this curse is here.

So on goes the battle
By the wary and not.
Which battle is ours
Of that we know not.

Will it be our income,
Or seeing our family?
Or maybe we will face
This curse so deadly.

Whatever it is
That will comes to our door,
No one escapes
Unchanged at their core.

Inspired by username:hellon&covid-19


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