Thank you

by Michael   Apr 29, 2020

The sound of nature conveys a message
through the language of birds
melodies swirl from the
tongue of their mother
as the smog in her lungs

the muscles in her wings begin to stretch shaking
off the debris of errors, stamped into
her plume, and the burden of
pollution has eased dramatically
that laid heavily
upon her

to thread
strands of Spring
through the eye of the
storm, weaving a tapestry of warmth

hues and scents entwine bringing
colours back to our cheeks and
the air, we can taste,
and smell,
like never

her endurance is unsurpassable
the joy she brings is contagious
which infects us with love.

So I thank you, mother
nature and I sing
your praises

for you, are never
able to isolate


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  • 7 months ago

    by Brenda

    Michael. I really like this a lot! Its crazy how a pandemic can bring so much good to nature. I hope you are well-