Her Name Means Bitter Sorrow

by Mary   May 21, 2020

Mary our Mother,
Ever virgin, ever holy, ever pure.
The handmaiden of our LORD.

You humbled yourself under the mighty hand of God
And was exalted by Him
In His due time.

The millions of tears
That you shed in bitter sorrow

For all of our sins were placed on Him.

But each one of your tears
Counted for something
Not one of them
Was shed in vain.

For you knew
That in each one of those tears
That you shed
Laid the lost soul of every man
Woman and child.

As our Savior shed His precious blood for us
You shed your precious tears for Him.

I thank you, Mother
For now I see
Now I understand
What it means to share in the sufferings of your son
He is your very heart

And now to me
My beloved
Friend and Savior.


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  • 3 days ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    A beautiful and graceful poem. As I grew up in a very religious household, there was always an appreciation and "honor" given to Mother Mary. I respect those who have such a relationship with her in the sense that she can be seen as a role model, as a patient mother, someone with compassion and full of love for her son.

    Keep writing, and welcome to PnQ!