Vanity /On Your Own

by Domenico Sottile   May 31, 2020


Dear Supreme Court
how do we protect our country
from keeping criminals
in the presidency?
How do we refrain lawyers
from justifying any conspiracy?

Has our government
become a piracy?
Have we created an environment
where no justice can exist?

In what place on earth
do they allow demonstrators
with high caliber machine guns
that for world peace have no worth?

Where on earth
our livelihood depends on tweeters
with which even desert
tastes bitter?

In what country on earth
churches permit parishioners
to be exposed to mortal infections?

How can you be supreme
if the welfare of the people
isn’t in your theme?

The presidency is a responsibility
for the entire humanity
and not a business deal
in fulfilling some sort of vanity

Thank you

Thank you for the good times
even though
there was not a lack
of frightful ones
for me to make chimes
But still
thank you for the good times

When you have a good cook
there is always a messy kitchen
and thank you
for the great meals we took

We do not have days of just sunshine
We need rainy ones too
deserts once held oceans
and oceans
rest on sand for sure

Why worry about bad times
or messy kitchens
and rainy days
or waterless plains?

I myself
thank the universe
for the good times
for it is best to overlook
as I read it
once in a book

Mother nature
soon held my hand
after the small while
she had let it go
Now I am grateful
for her guidance
through the meadow

There is a hug
for every tear
Thank you
for the good times
my dear


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