The Week of Repetition

by Tanya Southey   Jun 8, 2020

Waking in our offices;
sleeping in our workplaces;
boundaries blurred
between home and work,
our thoughts repeat,
looping into the quagmire
of dissatisfaction;
spiralling into our smaller selves

And then the realisation -
patterns of thinking -
well-worn paths
through thorny shrubs
can be disrupted;
lives cut and pasted
into far fewer cubic meters
than before
need not be the same
each day

Step off the path,
shower your thoughts
liberate your locked down ideas;
see the shifts
happening around you,
green shoots of courage
you have forgotten to feel;
find the joy in a line in a book
that speaks to your soul;
creating a new way of seeing
the world

And here you are
new you
in a familiar old place.
© Tanya Southey


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