by Scott Cole   Jun 15, 2020

As I sit here in my plastic dungeon
Locked away from all society,
Unable to rescue myself
Or wreck havoc on humanity.

A little fresh air would do some good
But I cause more trouble than I'm worth,
So pharmacies both far and wide
Keep me under the tightest lockdown on Earth.

For reality labels me a serial killer
Though I've never intentionally hurt no one,
I've just been in the wrong places wrong time
And they had to blame it on someone.

I just want the whole World to know
There's some good running through my veins,
I'm not the monster I'm made out to be
But I do feel addicted to all the pain.

Because I only live for your discomfort
Your pleasure is all my agony,
And those that need me are numb to my actions
So that only adds to their apathy.

So my heart goes out to all who suffers
Please take me at my word,
Then together we can both find comfort
Soothing these demons that leave us disturbed.


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