Dear Mayor.

by Poet on the Piano   Jun 16, 2020

Local news is eating it up,
"finally, protestors acting grown up!"
as the mayor steps out of his
opulent bubble,
asking what's the purpose for
all this trouble.

Only caring about potential PR
when you sent a man straight to the ER,
had to have his eye surgically removed yet
you questioned what purpose he even proved.

Who will pay the fees
of those who were chased,
the emotional labor of children
who were maced?
Who will heal the trauma
of those tear-gassed,
the ones who locked arms,
their loyalty steadfast.

There's been no apologies, none at all.
I look for them on the trails, big or small,
I search up and down and even crawl.

And nothing, nothing.

You said this city needed time to heal.
But it needs a separation from your
heart of steel.

Those in uniform sworn to
"protect and serve"
will never get what they fully deserve.

You call it a tranquil march of unity,
while others call it qualified immunity.
You'll never hold the officers liable,
so excessive force is then justifiable.

And nothing, nothing
will ever change,
soon it will be one more
firing range.


Written 06/04/20


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