by BEJohnson   Jun 23, 2020

I’ve been through more than enough.
It scares me to think that it’s not over.
What will be the event that breaks me?
When it does, will I be able to recover.

I never understood the big deal.
I did what I had to do to survive.
There were only two options…
Fight for my life or die.

I protected myself the best I could.
I may have faltered here and there.
But, my secrets I’ll take to my grave.
The burden I will never share.

My scars are my souvenirs.
Like my pain they fade with time.
I’ll do my best to fight this battle.
My life is no one else’s but mine.

Some days I’ll cry in desperation.
I’ll be vulnerable to my enemies.
The demons can try their hardest
But, I refuse to let them get me.


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