Your Love, That I Hate (thank you)

by Ocean Chant   Jul 3, 2020

Why does it have to be so painful to be loved?
I know it. This is how you show your love
But I really hate it.
To hear those words
Of ‘everything will be fine’,
Of ‘everything always works out’. I hate it.

It’s because you keep telling me so
That I hold this much pain,
That I feel this much despair
And that I have to keep trying so hard.
All because of those words
That I hate.

To let you keep saying it,
I work hard. Too hard.
So stop. I want to beg you to stop
And to hear you say ‘things will go wrong’.
I want you to let me rest,
Because carrying it, it’s too tiring.

Can’t you let me stop walking?
Because I won’t stop walking, for you.
Can’t you throw that love away?
I wish you would stop loving me
So I can love you easily.
Why does it have to be so painful to be loved?


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  • 3 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    We crave to be loved yet the worse kind of love is being loved in a way that we dont want to be loved. This piece twists and turns and shows a feeling of being propelled into a place where the character doesnt want to be. Almost as if being told everything will be alright is false devoid of truth. Only when the truth that things are not ok will make room for love A thought provoking piece. Milly x