Friendship everlasting

by Aearion   Jul 4, 2020

Friendship can be everlasting

Yet with time it can also be forgotten

But only we can try to keep it going

Somehow in time I feel even we can forget

The precious memories we all once shared

Rather it be the good ones maybe even the the worst

Our time we all spent together will last forever

I love each and every one of you

Even the one who may not had ever known

You all have a burning candle in my dark place

Flickering there reminding me how much we all once cared

Yet time now has long passed

What I would give to to be back there again

A time where we all where together no worries on our minds

When we all may had thought it last forever

Today I find that long lost picture

Never lost to me but maybe you

That picture I see now today

Reminds me that memories can last forever

How each and every one of you have a place in my heart

To the one’s that may have forgotten

I share with you this memory today

Hopping that it would spark that time we all once cared

Forever will I know friendship can be everlasting


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