by Glenn G   Jul 10, 2020

I saw the most beautiful woman in the world, her hair had to be 12 or 14 ct gold, her eyes were such a blue green and you could feel them burn as she looked at you. She was barely dressed, but appropriately for the 110° day.
I knew her name was April, she smelled so sweet (April showers bring may flowers). She was blessing that day just by being there.

Whenever I'm with her I feel like a character in a painting, she's too pretty to be real.
Her playful and fun personality brought back memories of my youth.
She was like a pit full of love that you couldn't help but fall in to.

But in her own life she alwsys seemed lonely.
She seemed to catch sadness as though it were a virus.
She attached herself to men who had nothing good to bring to her life.
She seemed to deny the certainty of a secure life, for one of living from day to day.

I loved her, I told her I loved her, I asked her to be mine forever and looking at her I felt like I was talking on a phone where the other person had already hung up, she just looked at me.
I stopped trying to understand her, but I can never stop loving her.

If she ever shows up at my door, I'm going to ask her in and ask her to live here with me until this house sells and we find somewhere else.


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