robin's egg, swimming pool, fork (Three object)

by Everlasting   Jul 12, 2020

“a fork is all you need” he said
“that’s all you need” he reassured himself while
staring at the reflection of robin’s eggs
on a swimming pool
He then looked at the tree above his head
and with a face of determination proceeded
to grab the fork from his lunch box
a minute later, with sweat on his forehead
and fork clenched tightly on his lips,
he climbed the tall tree
To later utter with a disappointed and frustrated tone
“No, oh no, I need a knife. A knife that I don’t have!”
while holding firmly yet shakily from a branch

Subsequently, a voice is heard from inside the house
“Gilbert, where are you? Gilbert”
His mom comes rushing to the pool
“Gilb... ERT,.!” She screams when


water splashes all over the mom

Then Gilbert cries
“Mom, do you have a knife?!”
while floating on the pool

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