Nurgle's Plague Dancers - Oh Magnificent Pestilence

by Prossnip42   Jul 21, 2020

The earth is starting to crack
The clouds are all turning black
The temperature in the oceans is rising
The plants are dying, the animals run, Nurgle's plague dancers have come

You feel your skin start to itch
And your breath in your throat starts to hitch
Rashes all over your skin
Blisters and boils, a painful fever for some, Nurgle's plague dancers have come

Pray to your Emperor now
For a quick death for him to allow
Your prayers will never be heard
As they march along undeterred
Screaming for your life, then you're done, Nurgle's plague dancers have come


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  • 3 years ago

    by Liz

    I love this. Dark and fitting poem for/about (?) Nurgle.

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