Dying Is Not So Bad

by Glenn G   Aug 2, 2020

Dying Is Not So Bad

When God has called me
Asks me to pack my bags
Tells me I'm going home
I will pack the only thing I own
The love for you I've known

I will miss the times we've talked
The moments we spent alone
All the joyful times we shared
The times we called our own

I will take your smile
Store it somewhere in my mind
And when I get to heaven
It won't be hard to find

I will remember your eyes
And the last time they spoke to my heart
No distance can separate my love
Or keep the two of us apart

I can hear Gabrieal's horn, as it begins to blow
The sealed window opens up, and in fly's a Dove
I can see it flying around, my soul begins to rise
I leave with you all my love
And give you a kiss good-bye

Shed no tears
Take no time to cry
You taught me how to love
Brought joy to my life
Gave me a reason to smile
Made me happy when I was sad
With you I had the best times of my life

Now, dying is not so bad


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