In less than a minute

by nourayasmine   Aug 20, 2020


Four hands on a plump belly,

lemon-yellow overalls,

little blue lanterns, lit stars circling
above a small wooden bed.

He looks up.
The sky listens sometimes. It
listens to prayers. It gives
birth to beautiful wishes.


Swollen knees, lower back
feels crushing down, ribs pressed,
skin stretched.

It's worth it. She massages
her womb, smiles, whispers for
it to stop kicking. Life couldn't be
easily brought, couldn't be
easily lived.


A name is chosen. They know
about her more now.
They know she'll be a Leo,
she is above average weight,
she kicks at dawn,
rests in the afternoon,
is in the perfect position.

Her father dreams about
different things now. About
parks, holidays, school days,
trips to Disneyland.
He wakes up at night to
add more love and colors to
her bedroom wall.


A warm morning,
cramps and exhaustion,

blood on an underwear.

The sky is harsh sometimes.

Life could easily be ended.


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