Reflection of my own fears

by DarkLight   Sep 15, 2020

I have this haunting yet soothing voice in my head
Like stream or thread of emotions woven together to keep a cold heart warm
My mind is trapped in a happy memory,
I keep pushing you away to see how long I can survive on my own
It never is the case, when you are in my dreams
Happy and glowing,

But would you still hold me the same way after dawn when the dream fades, and you have no reason to connect or open up to me.

Would it make you smile or happy when the song we danced to comes on the stereo, shimmering of what used to be joy.

Try and remember and let that be our reality.
To hold your hand and never let go, the only place you ever felt safe turning into a memory of imagination you never got a chance to experience,

Reflection of our own fears.


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