by Domenico Sottile   Sep 26, 2020

This is my message
cautiously written
in the realm of words of average
by a poet no longer farrier
no longer gardener
no longer cook
no longer waiter
no longer professor
nor a bit of writer
If not wisdom
I offer you
my conscience
and some optimism

My days of glory are gone
All my wanderings around the world
are in the past
My story is my secret
most of it will not last
child of my heart
can never know all of me
even with my songs of plenty
except for you
my love

Things were different then
and you
appeared at the right time
so that I may protect you
from this world unjust
to offer my love to you
at all cost
for it is so profound
-you’ll know-
unconcealable and abound

I wish there were a god for miracles
I wish there were harmony for you
within families divided in extreme poles

I only hope to have been a good ancestor
for you
-my progeny-
and have sent you happiness
rendered your life more enlightened
your struggles less grave
-I dare to say-
I hope I have succeeded
in placing our family smile on your face
after so many unwanted disputes
without a base

At about one third of my life
you appeared
although wounded
-and how-
but never hostile
Everyone knows how I welcomed you
without a raising of an eye brow
as it ought to be
between parent and child

Even when I was unaware
I never took you as another battle
You touched many others in their hearts
since the days of the cradle
Some learned from you
as anybody could on this earth
I only shed tears when I had to miss you
I remained enveloped by peace
until you returned
Whether you were near or far
you stayed locked in my heart
for I was honoured as a superstar
by having been for your care entrusted

You may have been cause of burden
to some others
-the burden that in essence
was for me
your absence-
the absence of your clever humour
that I always longed to see

Peace shall reign in me
if I only know
with certainty
that you remember me
-without any weight-
as a good ancestor
you wish to emulate


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