Forever We'll Stay

by Eminent Bard   Sep 27, 2020

I've searched the mountain
I've searched the sky
I have sought the heaven
To find the answer why

I've gone to places
Just to see your face
I've gone too far
But haven't found the one

But then you wake a fantasy
When I am asleep
And then you have given me
This love that I will keep

And I need you, it's because I love you
And you know that this is true
Never gonna say goodbye
I'll hold you, it's because I want you
I just wanted you to stay
Stay with me forever

You came to me
Without any doubt
Together we'll see
This love we're all about

Believe me when I say
Forever I'll love you
'Cause in my heart there'll be
My love for you, it's true

Into your world you've brought me
Full of fantasy
Discover its history
So that forever we can be

In the darkest night of your life
I will be your light for all time...

Forever we'll stay, together

*This was a song I wrote as a theme song for my "novel" way back in high school entitled "Alice in Toonland". xD


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