On The Spot Poem

by Eminent Bard   Aug 20, 2020

*This is a poem that I wrote in my journal last July 29, 2009. My challenge was to write a first and final draft with no erasures poem. I don't understand why I have that kind of challenges. lol So I am going to make any changes in it to preserve my original nonsense impromptu thoughts. hahah!*

I want to...

write you a verse of love
which enlightens your heart
fills you with much merriment
brings you a maudlin sentiment

draw you a picture of friendship
to show you how much I care
makes you think I'll never leave
a bond of loyalty to you I'll give

Won't you...

accept my verse and drawing?
please give me a chance
I may not be a very intimate one
but I could be your superman

read my verse and accept my drawing?
please try to understand
if you find today boring
then tomorrow I'll still be waiting


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