Purple Thoughts

by Eminent Bard   Dec 9, 2020

I look up at the night sky
Wondering if you see the moon shining bright
This distance between us is getting wider
Giving change the chance to pull us through

They say it's easier to say than do what you mean
But I say neither of them is true
For I often end up just giving a smile
I'm silenced all over

Sometimes I just want to keep you for myself
And wish for the world around turn to grey
My mouth can only say 'I miss you'
But my heart speaks a lot more than that

My apologies for the times I wasn't helpful
When my presence isn't enough
When I cannot say a single word
When I can't make up my mind

But when you hold my hand it gives me the assurance
That you still want to keep me in your heart
So I'll stay by your side no matter what
Until you get tired of me

Do you remember the last time we said goodbye
I just turned around and looked at you
But I wish I was able to hug you tight
And say the very words

*A song written for a dear friend.*


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