Poisonous Love

by Sunflower Lily   Oct 16, 2020

Being in love is hard,
more complicated I should say.
But if the love is honest and true,
it gets better every day.

But be aware of what's to come,
for red flags can be seen.
For if your love is toxic,
then you know what that can mean.

Arguments are common,
but too many is a sign,
that maybe you outdid your love,
for now it cannot shine.

Love is not a drug,
but addicting is quite true,
and hanging onto to someone,
is not healthy for you.

You need to let them go.
Stop thinking about them too,
for their love is not just poisonous,
but your love for them wont do


This poem is based off of my own experiences of being in a toxic relationship. I recently just got out of one and I'm mentally broken. But i know to stay strong and keep going. There are more important things in life.


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