The Category is Horror

by nourayasmine   Nov 21, 2020

Come here.

Get used to watching
the budding damask rose
get raped
by a monster,
then her nectar get
blamed for it.

If you come across
some corpses of dead stars,
on your morning walk,
don't worry.
As long as your eyes don't shine,
you're fine.

Remember the chains
around your wrists.
Feel them well everyday.

Don't pray. Prayers crash against
our sealed sky.

What god will you implore?
This god

rambles at every dawn,
over the homeless,
ignoring the freezing knuckles
and pale hearts.

This god

yells at the destitute and
the wretched, like a spoiled,
disturbed teenager,
playing with matches,
setting dignities on fire.

Don't come here.


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  • 5 days ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    I like this a lot. Very powerful metaphors.

    Take care.