All Gone

by Domenico Sottile   Nov 24, 2020

ALL Gone

It is during our senior years
even with a bit of intellect
we breath
mull over and reflect

our memories
like photos
of something that no longer is
on loves like jewelries
so long ago lost

like books out of print
only as pictures
on tombstones
out of tint

Happy times
as obsolete records
Accomplishments locked up
in decrepit archives
unaware of yesterdays

And yet
we cannot forget
the happy faces of children
saying thank you
on every onset
We know now that the hopes
for unrequited love
were like praying a god
whose design was already set
in the flight of a dove

We are aware now
that relationships are fragile
like cobwebs on clouds
only lasting for a while
and that healing a broken heart
is like writing a letter on water
of large amounts

Mating bliss now
is resting
among our discharged batteries
Friendship swallowed
by acquaintances
who have for so long
passed on the shadow
Respect lost
like a child who was crushed
by an overwhelming crowd

We deepen our surrow
for the homeless
for whom owning just a room
is like dreaming
about having become a king
after having experienced a doom

Now we realize with
heart and mind
and proof
how hate is blind
and deft anger
-not any better-
vengeance a disaster

We finally know
how we get offended
by the suggestion
-making us want to stump-
that we can fall in love
with a woman’s face make-up
making us take a quantum jump

We see that
in love wins who flees
and gains
only who gives
did not see
did not hear
it does not smile

As midnight approaches
we cannot forget
how nothing
was brighter than noon
And yet
we remember
all those important things
we never said

-And we recall-
when we were bad
people disliked us
when we were good
bad people made fun of us
when we were
neither good nor bad
we got screwed by both
on the very hot sand

-Looking back-
We struggled
We fought
We won
Or lost
Finally we got there
one evening
no matter what we had done
or hoped
it was all gone


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