Time doesn't matter

by Milo   Dec 7, 2020

It's strange to not ask questions
as a lifetime goes on and on again,
being the one stuck in
this carcass of my broken heart.

Where are you going?
I'm always dreaming of being
your rock in this timeless ocean
asking myself,
why can't I finally go home?
The weight of this enduring love
is finally crushing me as I wait here all alone.

I thought it was you loving me
when I look up at the light fading between
the ghosts of this shifting machine.

But it's just me at the bottom of your sea,
expanding and contracting with this hope
as the elusive sun bends through
the dark and cold waves of you and me.


I look up and there's a light in your eyes,
the waves are all around me
as the warmth fades and I can't escape.
Memories of you are the
best and worst part of my dreams,
having to drown and sink at the bottom floor
furthest from the light
that I will never get to see.

I wake up missing you and
wishing you were still alive,
because I have to bury
the ocean every time
I try to forget you were
the best and saddest part of my life.


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  • 6 months ago

    by Kat

    I absolutely adore this!

    Beautiful poem! <3