Goodbye To The Demented

by Domenico Sottile   Dec 12, 2020

Goodbye To The Demented

The man who ignored
the truth for so long
and who deprived his followers
the ability to discerning
right from wrong
is no longer holding that office
he had never deserved

Considering all the damage
to his country
he has done
it is a blessing
he is now gone

In January 20th
to our nation
sanity will be restored
The nation
he took
to such a deep hole
will now
be made whole

The pathological liar
unless jail for him is required
is elsewhere for hire
Looking at reality
as fake news
has been to his own character
an abuse

It was to our country
a travesty
for a president
not having given his loyalty
-to the nation who elected him-
-and how self-evident-

the Nazi supremist
we will be able
to resist
True heroes are now
the fighters
-those who were insulted
as being losers-

No more children
deprived of their parents
condoned even
by vice-president Pence
No more presidents
in the future to come
as victims
of a child’s tantrum

No longer will
wearing a mask
such a difficult task

It was avarice
that swallowed
a “president’s” self-worth and peace
It is a great time to cheer
even if we only drink beer
No longer we have
serious danger to fear
The once sweet life and golden
-for which we had hoped-
shall return now
with our president Biden

That incompetent louse
will no longer lie
at the white house
Let us replace
with productive malls
all the insidious border walls

Government officials
who gave him loyalty
shall be held accountable
and likewise discharged
for having allowed policies
by the unreliable
the unaware
and the none conceding
unheard of
in any democracies


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