From Celeb To Webs:(part 2)

by Scott Cole   Dec 14, 2020

I'm a piece of literature
That no one comes to read,
And all this isolation
Is killing my dying breed.

For my open shorelines
Bring soul searches from afar,
All those thirsting for adventure
Or hungry for the bizarre.

I'm the stuff dreams are dreamt of
Your silent getaway,
I'm that tranquil fairyland
Your mythical hideaway.

For I magnify the words
I set chapters on fire,
I cast all my thoughts out
Whenever I desire.

I'm your romantic vacation
Your break from the norm,
But just like any other book
I'm still prone to storms.

Then I'm a mental breakdown
My waves are so unlending,
So those letters of my alphabet
Never mend a happy ending.

So now I'm a useless book
That's entire of itself,
Fading into webs of dust
On a deserted bookshelf.


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  • 10 months ago

    by Michael

    Your on a roll with your poetry Scott. I like the way you use metaphors in your stories, and your rhyming is there too. M :)

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