Just A Dream

by Dark Lord   Dec 17, 2020

I close my eyes, and see you there,
You look in my eyes, and I stop and stare.

I smile and reach out for you,
I feel your love, and know it grew.

We started as friends, then slowly became lovers,
The warmth of your body, as we lay under the covers.

It warms my heart, body and soul,
To hold you forever, this is my goal.

I draw you near, hugging you tight,
As the sun goes down, becoming night.

You smile up at me, your face aglow,
I lean in for a kiss, moving slow.

As our lips touch, shivers run down my spine,
I know in my heart, that you are mine.

As I open my eyes, I realize I'm alone,
My bed is empty, my heart becomes stone.

It was just a dream, it wasn't real,
This is all I have, the happiness I steal.

Until tonight, when I dream of you again,
I look down at my bed, "I'll see you then".



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