by Dark Lord   Dec 17, 2020

This pain is becoming unbearable, each day is worse than the last,
I used to be so active, jumping and running, so long ago in the past.

The simple things in life, become such a chore,
The simple things, that I just can’t do anymore.

I push forward, trying to keep my head held high,
I wear a mask on my face, so no one can see me cry.

I keep it all in, trying to make myself look strong,
I know I shouldn’t, I realize that this is wrong.

I can’t keep up this charade, it’s killing me inside,
Alone with my wife, there’s nothing left to hide.

She’s there for me, in the good and the bad,
She’s always by my side, and for that, I am glad.

Without her with me, I would’ve been lost,
I’ll continue to fight on, no matter the cost.

Tomorrow is yet another day, yet another day of pain,
I’m slowly losing my mind, the pain driving me insane.



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